Shoe Box (Brown)

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Shoe Box (Brown)

Jobaida Printing & Packaging Ltd.  Shoe box is a packaging container used to store and transport shoes. It is typically made of sturdy paperboard and is designed to protect the shoes from damage during transportation and storage. The box usually features a lid that can be opened and closed, and the interior is often lined with a soft material such as foam or tissue paper to protect the shoes from scratches and scuffs.

The exterior of the shoe box can be printed with branding or designs, making it an effective marketing tool for shoe companies. Some shoe boxes come with a clear plastic window on the top, which allows customers to see the shoes inside without having to open the box.

Shoe boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the type of shoe being packaged. For example, high-heeled shoe boxes are taller than those for flats, and sneaker boxes are typically wider than those for dress shoes. Some companies even have custom shoe boxes that are specifically designed to fit their unique shoe designs.

Shoe boxes also often include extra features such as handles and carry straps to make them easy to transport, and also include packing materials such as tissue paper to keep the shoes in good condition.

In addition to protecting the shoes during transportation, shoe boxes also provide a convenient storage solution for customers. Many people use shoe boxes to organize their closets and wardrobes, and the boxes can also be used to store other small items such as socks and accessories.

In summary, a shoe box is a versatile packaging container that not only protects shoes during transportation but also serves as a convenient storage solution for customers. It’s made of sturdy paperboard and can be custom printed with branding or designs. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit different types of shoes, and also include additional features like handles and packing materials.


Shoe Box Sizes

10.62×6.75×4.13 inch, 11x6x4.5 inch, 11×8.30×4.30 inch, 11.5x6x4.25 inch, 12×6.25×4.5 inch, 12×6.5×4.5 inch, 12x7x4.75 inch, 12.5×6.5×4.5 inch, 12.6x8x4.5 inch, 12.75×6.50×4.50 inch, 13×7.5×4.5 inch, 13x8x5 inch

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